What Is Cross Cut Shredding?

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What Is Cross Cut Shredding?

The cutting cylinders not only cut the paper widthways, but also lengthways too. The results are small particles that look like confetti. Depending on the exact size chosen you will be left with between 300 to 900 tiny pieces once shredded from a single A4 sheet of paper. Cross cut shredders have now become much more popular and at all levels (except entry level) out sell equivalent strip cut shredders. The use of cross cut or confetti cut shredders is always recommended as they give the user 2 main advantages:

1. The shredded waste is more secure as it is much harder to read the information that was held on the pieces of paper.
2. The waste shreds will compact into the waste bin much more than strip cut shreds so that the shredder has to be emptied less frequently.

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