How Can You See Your Previous Orders?

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How Can You See Your Previous Orders?

We know that being able to see previous orders is a very handy feature when frequently using a particular website. Whether this be because you may have forgotten a certain product you bought before or you would just like to see what you have ordered in the past. These easy steps will guide you to be able to navigate your way through previous orders!

Step 1: Log into your account by clicking the ‘Your Account’ button on the top right of your screen on the webshop. If you don’t have an account and wish to set one up, contact by our email or call us on 0118 9 310 310.

Step 2: Once you are signed in, click ‘Your Account’ and scroll down to orders. Here you will see a list of all your previous orders with their specific order numbers.

Step 3: Click on the order number of the previous order you would like to see and then you will be able to see all the products you have purchased on that order.

By clicking the settings button on the specific order, you can choose to print the order or reorder if you wish.

If you would like to see a more in depth tutorial of how to access your previous orders, please click the button below.

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